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Fire Safety

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

Partnered with Kidde, Nationwide, Capital One, FedEx Corporation, Grainger, and State Farm, the American Red Cross has taken an initiative to help prevent home fires. According to the Red Cross, seven people every day die from a home fire. In addition, thirty six people suffer injuries as a result of home fires every single day. This results in over seven billion dollars in property damage annually. The Red Cross suggests ways to help keep your family safe in the event of a tragedy like a home fire.

  1. Practice your two minute drill: The Red Cross suggests practicing the escape route you and your family would take in order to escape safely from a house fire in under two minutes.
  2. Test your smoke alarms monthly: The Red Cross suggests to check the smoke alarms monthly soon in the event of a fire, you and your family are alerted as soon as it is detected.

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Halloween Festivities!

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

Community Halloween Festivities! Here is a photo from the Halloween festivities at Veterans' Memorial Park!

On October 30th, we attended and sponsored the Rag-A-Muffin Parade at Veterans' Memorial Park! There was a parade, food, hayrides, a pumpkin path, and a trunk or treat! We are always happy to get out and get involved in the community. Even though the weather wasn't the best, it was a great event with a great turnout! 

Our Third Annual Pet Adoption Day!

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

Community Our Third Annual Pet Adoption Day! Here is a photo of the awesome banner on one of our trucks that welcomed everyone to our event!

This year we hosted our Third Annual Pet Adoption Day! Every year, we work with local animal shelters to try and give back to the community and each year, our success has continued to grow. This year, we had the most shelters and biggest turn out yet! Numerous animals were adopted and each shelter received a sizable donation. We have so many people to thank, like the vendors, shelters, and supporters. We would especially like to thank the American Legion Post No. 221 and all of the SERVPRO family that continued to work hard to help make events like these the huge success that they are! Make sure to keep an eye out next year for our next adoption day! We hope it's an even bigger turn out!

Indoor Space Heater Safety

11/15/2016 (Permalink)

As the weather continues to cool down, the use of things like space heaters will continue to increase. If used improperly, they can cause some serious damage. Luckily, there are a few ways to try and avoid this!

  1. When using a space heater that burns fuel, like a kerosene heater, always use the manufacturer's specified fuel. 
  2. Another important idea to remember is to always turn of portable heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed. If not, an unsupervised space heater can cause an unpleasant surprise.
  3. The last tip to remember is to plug the space heaters directly into outlets, never into an extension cord or power strip.

By following these simple tips, we hope you are able to avoid a visit and call to us here at SERVPRO of Fort Lee!