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Is There a Good Way to Prepare in Advance for Flood Damage Recovery Needs in Fort Lee?

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

Home check list SERVPRO understands how important it is to prepare for an emergency situation. We can help you with our Emergency Ready Plan.

Resigned to Yearly Storm-Related Flood Damage in Your Fort Lee Commercial Building? Call SERVPRO to Plan for a Better Forecast with Our Emergency READY Profile (ERP).

The hurricane and tropical storm season is upon us here in Fort Lee, and that can mean that the risk of flood damage to your business becomes imminent. There is a range of ways to approach a yearly extreme weather threat, but savvy business owners prepare rather than react. Many experts advise flood preparations, and you can pick and choose from among the ideas your local government, your industry associations, your business partners, and a raft of others suggest. 

Even If I Can Reduce the Flooding's Effect, How Can I Prepare for the Aftermath?

In a perfect world, floods damaging Fort Lee businesses like yours could be avoided entirely with proactive efforts. Unfortunately, the steady increase in extreme weather systems and the difficulty of predicting other natural or human-made disasters makes such an outcome impossible. Risks constantly loom, but that does not mean you simply give up and take your knocks as they come. Instead, partner with a reputable and reliable flood damage mitigation and remediation firm to craft a hybrid preparedness and recovery plan.

What Is the Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP), and How Do I Get Onboard?

SERVPRO offers a comprehensive disaster recovery planning process with our Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP). An ERP's goal is to collaboratively work, business to business, on a concise but complete blueprint for disaster restoration. We don’t insist on forcing "square pegs into round holes," but instead, confer with you every step of the way.  The mission is to produce an individualized and workable game plan for "disaster day," including storm-related flooding. Start with a simple phone call to our 24-hour line and ask to schedule an ERP assessment.

How Does the ERP Assessment Process Work?

We want to gain a working knowledge of how you operate your company, including the ways you deliver products and services. Nothing beats walking through your door and observing you and your employees working and interacting with your clients or customers. In addition to experiencing how you conduct business, we also need a chance to inspect your physical plant. During the active response to a disaster, we have little time to get a feel for the layout of your space, but the ERP's proactive approach allows us to start planning how best to mitigate ongoing flood damage and order remediation tasks. Expect us to make sketches, take notes, and take pictures of:

  • Offices
  • Restrooms (public and staff)
  • Production areas
  • Retail sales floors
  • Staff break areas and lockers
  • Storage and inventory areas
  • Warehouse spaces
  • Kitchens, prep areas, and dining rooms for restaurants, cafes, and diners
  • Equipment 
  • Utility configurations and shut off valves

Are You Interested in My Ideas and Viewpoint During the Development of the ERP?

We do not pretend to be experts in your industry or to know your space as intimately as do you. Help us build the most robust yet concise plan by sharing with us your concerns and insights. Let us know if particular spaces or surfaces flooded in the past. Talk about how and in which spaces you see your staff operating even as we provide mitigation and remediation services. A company that can maintain a presence even during disaster recovery has the best chance of surviving past the emergency. Our approach can include partitioning and containing areas of your larger spaces to allow your business to continue safely and without water incursion or contamination and debris drift. We have that strategy ready to roll with the ERP.

What Else Can I Do to Collaborate on Our ERP?

We will recommend adaptations to minimize your flood damage risk after our walkthrough. Take the time to implement these best practices-based ideas, and talk to us if something seems inappropriate or impossible. Use our handy mobile app to fill in details and keep us up to date as things change. Critical information you can input includes:

  • Names and contact information of trusted staff
  • A list of individuals who can authorize interventions if you are out of town or otherwise unavailable during a crisis
  • Lists of vendors and contractors instrumental in designing and installing your setup and equipment
  • A clear statement that we are your restoration company choice, permitting us to start work when practicable

Reach out to SERVPRO of Fort Lee to develop a detailed and effective plan to streamline any flood damage mitigation and remediation efforts you might need after seasonal storms. Schedule an assessment for both anticipated and unexpected issues by calling (201) 496-6024.

How do I Prepare My Fort Lee Rental for the Next Guest After a Fire?

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

burned-out chair in a fire close-up on a black background SERVPRO of Fort Lee is at your service when disaster strikes, and you need an efficient solution.

Whether a Hotel Room or a Short-term Private Rental in Fort Lee, Call a Professional Restoration Company to Prepare for your Next Guest

A fire can happen anywhere in Fort Lee from your primary residence to the hotel you work at, to the property your rent on a popular vacation rental site. Whenever flames threaten your livelihood, you need to ask quickly and decisively to restore the space to its original condition and continue to generate revenue. Instead of relying on your limited expertise, call a professional service to help you determine the extent of the damage and repair it.

Fire damage restoration in Fort Lee is our specialty at SERVPRO. As business people ourselves, we understand that time is of the essence, which is why we work around the clock to meet your needs. Once the fire is under control, and your property is safe to enter, we can run through a thorough inspection and identify problem areas. Our experience prepares us to complete our restoration efforts within the constraints of working in a commercial setting where different guidelines may prevail. Just give us a call and let us do what we do best- mitigate your loss as much as possible.

What do I do about the smell of fire and smoke?

One of the most disturbing aspects of a fire is the acrid smell it leaves behind. Our SERVPRO team understands that foul odors are particularly harmful to the hospitality industry as they directly affect customer satisfaction. To eliminate the stench, our technicians may use some of the following equipment:

    •    Ozone generators to remove odor molecules
    •    Thermal fogging to spray deodorizing solution reaching all corners of the rental unit
    •    Deodorizing pellets to neutralize the smell

We also shampoo carpets and clean all surfaces, so soot, smell, and smoke become a thing of the past. As needed, we can also explore your ventilation system and clean it.

SERVPRO of Fort Lee is at your service when disaster strikes, and you need an efficient solution. Just call us at (201) 496-6024 and invite us to leave your home. “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Get Rid of the Bad Smells in My Flood-Damaged Shop in Fort Lee?

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

Clear, blue water wavy surface with splash If your business is ever impacted by flooding, you need the assistance of a professional flood damage cleanup and restoration service.

Contact a Good Remediation Service in Fort Lee to Neutralize Foul Floodwater Odors with  EPA and OSHA-Approved Chemical Agents

Fort Lee is no stranger to severe weather and flooding. The city’s location on the Hudson River, not far from the northeast coastline, means that it suffers the effects of severe storms throughout the year. In the summer and fall, it weathers frequent tropical storms and full-blown hurricanes. During the winter and spring months, powerful Nor’easters often assault it. When these storms pass through, they usually bring severe flooding with them.

How Do Companies Like SERVPRO Clean Up and Restore Flood-Damaged Businesses?

Floodwaters usually bring with them odorous contaminants, like dead animals, human waste, and hazardous chemicals. SERVPRO and other Fort Lee commercial flood damage cleanup and remediation companies attempt to neutralize these odors by:

    •    Ventilating your home with high-velocity box fans
    •    Removing remaining odorous chemicals and particles from the air with state-of-the-art air scrubbers
    •    Using ultra-low volume foggers to inject disinfectants, antifungals, and deodorants into even the most difficult-to-access areas
    •    Spraying disinfectants and other antimicrobials directly onto impacted surfaces

After SERVPRO completes this service on your business property, our workers have often eliminated most harmful microbes and unpleasant smells.

What Kinds of Chemical Agents Does SERVPRO Use to Neutralize Unpleasant Smells?

Our highly experienced technicians deal with unwanted odors by first removing their source and then eliminating any remaining smell-producing microorganisms. Some of the chemical products we employ to neutralize odors are:

    •    Disinfectants and antifungals that kill or slow the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, and fungi
    •    Agents that force odorous particles out of the air and onto easily cleaned surfaces by combining with them
    •    Agents that reduce humidity by absorbing moisture
    •    Odor masking substances that cover up unwanted smells with other, more pleasing odors

SERVPRO, using these scientifically designed chemicals, can effectively get rid of most foul odors associated with flood damage.

If your business is ever impacted by flooding, you need the assistance of a professional flood damage cleanup and restoration service. Call SERVPRO of Fort Lee at (201) 496-6024 for help.

Commercial Water Damage In Your Fort Lee Property

2/23/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property We can help you restore your retail building complex to the way it was before, “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage Technicians In Fort Lee Can Use Thermography To Find Leaks

Buildings like your shopping center in Fort Lee can have a complex plumbing system with several pipes running in various directions. It is possible that one day your plumbing system could fail and cause you excessive commercial water damage. Since your retail building complex has so many different pipes going through it, sometimes it can be hard to find the source of the leak.

During your commercial water damage project in Fort Lee, thermal imaging can help determine where the moisture is entering your structure from and help our SERVPRO team determine what got wet. These specialized cameras can help us find moisture if it made its way into tight spots that we can not visibly locate. Once we know where all of the moisture went after you had a pipe burst, we can then know what we have to do to mitigate all of the problems caused.

During the mitigation process, we often use infrared or thermal imaging cameras not only to locate moisture but also to monitor your wet building materials and contents during the Applied Structural Drying or ASD process. Even though infrared cameras do not technically detect moisture, it is possible to figure out where moisture is present by using the infrared images of heat comparisons. The cameras show the difference in temperatures on the various contents and building materials inside your shopping center. In most cases, when objects inside your structure get wet, there will be a variance in temperature between the wet and dry materials.

One set back with infrared cameras, though, is that they only detect surface temperatures on objects. The cameras do not have x-ray capabilities, so they cannot detect temperatures behind walls or through any other type of materials. However, what is happening with temperature change on the surface of an item can help us figure out what is happening underneath.

When moisture starts to evaporate from wet materials, the surfaces will be cooler than dryer surfaces near it. But if the area is heavily saturated, the surfaces could be warmer than what is surrounding it because moisture has a high ability to hold heat.

If you are ever having trouble finding a leak inside your shopping center, call SERVPRO of Fort Lee at (201) 496-6024 24/7. We can help you restore your retail building complex to the way it was before, “Like it never even happened.”

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Water Damage In Your Fort Lee Preschools

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling Containment can keep your doors open as well, while our SERVPRO of Fort Lee team works to finish the restoration of the property.

Accidental Water Damage to Preschools in Fort Lee

The education of the youth here in Fort Lee is not only an aspiration that parents and relatives take seriously but one that our SERVPRO team values as well. We have great institutions for even the earliest preschool years, including Palisades Pre-School & Kindergarten and The Goddard School. Because these buildings are full of young minds making sense of the world, accidents like overflowing sinks and other avenues for water damage can occur.

Because we strive to provide a fast response to these emergencies, we can often address many of the pressing effects of water damage in Fort Lee schools quickly. We have a team of professionals that stays ready to mobilize 24/7 with premier tools and products to make drying and recovery as efficient as possible. Considering how many homes can get affected by the preschool getting temporarily shut down for restoration, our skilled experts work around the clock to get the property back to preloss condition.

Linoleum floor coverings in the bathroom and the concrete subflooring beneath it are generally impenetrable for standing water, but the same cannot get said for other structural elements and construction materials exposed from significant water loss issues. Wood trim along the base of the drywall can be the first sensitive material to become overexposed to standing water and warp or distort due to direct absorption. Our SERVPRO professionals can offer controlled demolition solutions that not only remove this baseboard but can also begin flood cuts for damaged drywall behind this trim when necessary.

Our objective is to limit reconstruction and excessive build back as much as possible, but understand that water loss incidents in your school can sometimes have no other suitable solution but repair. With only moisture concerns in structural cavities, however, our technicians can utilize advanced drying equipment like our InjectiDry positive pressure system to eliminate dampness trapped in wall and ceiling openings. An ancillary objective to water removal and thorough drying is the need to suppress potential mold growth.

If the damage remains limited to a small area in the school, we can often build a drying zone with containment materials like plastic sheeting to regulate temperature, airflow, and other drying factors. Containment can keep your doors open as well, while our SERVPRO of Fort Lee team works to finish the restoration of the property. Give us a call anytime you need us at (201) 496-6024.

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Communication Is Key to Initiating Flood Loss Cleanup in Fort Lee Industrial and Businesses--Call SERVPRO

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Silhouette of two men standing in floodwater and staring out of large plate glass window of an office Commercial flood damage in Fort Lee can be a catastrophic event for businesses. SERVPRO arranges the response to quickly restore your property.

Commercial Flood Damage Fort Lee – Primary Contact

Whenever there is a flood from overflowing streams or rivers, or a storm has broken windows allowing water to penetrate a commercial building, most owners and managers are very stressed and worried about their business. The business may have to close for some time. Loss of revenue, employees out of work, and damaged contents are often their top concern.

SERVPRO understands that a commercial flood damage situation in Fort Lee may be considered a catastrophic event by many people. It is our job to make sense out of a chaotic situation and formulate a plan to complete a cleanup, provide board up services if needed, remove water and moisture and dry the building as well as the contents. Every hour lost has the potential to impact the bottom line of the company's income statement.

Assessment and Planning

Based on the initial information provided to our team, SERVPRO dispatches a project manager, crew chief, and technicians. Once the project manager or crew chief determines the environment is safe to begin work, our technician begins organizing and preparing for additional resources and equipment arriving on site. Every job is different, and it is essential to arrange the correct response to restore your commercial property as fast as possible.

Establishing Primary Contact and Decision Process 

SERVPRO can work with a company's primary contact. Your company's contact should be someone who has the authority to make decisions that can facilitate recovery. For example, decisions about establishing a staging area in an unaffected area of the building can save a great deal of time. Equipment can be delivered and stored until it is needed. Building contents can also be stored in a staging area instead of offsite. These are for large loss types of emergency measures to mitigate flood damage.

There may be multiple people who may want to interface with our team, sometimes with conflicting instructions. It is essential to provide clear direction. SERVPRO can mobilize pumps, decontamination equipment, water extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment much more efficiently. We aim to return your building to you, "Like it never even happened," whenever possible and as fast as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Lee at (201) 496-6024 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Cliffside Park, Palisades Park, Undercliff Junction, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

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Cleaning And Mitigation After A Storm Damaged Your Fort Lee Flea Market

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Old books at a flea market When a disaster strikes, SERVPRO helps businesses get things back to normal fast and as inexpensively as possible.

Cleaning and Mitigation after Commercial Storm Damage Restores Your Fort Lee Flea Market's Building

Saving money and getting great deals on unique finds helps bring in the public around Fort Lee when your flea market is open. When a disaster strikes, SERVPRO helps businesses get things back to normal fast and as inexpensively as possible. Temporary closures can cause businesses to lose customers' loyalty, even when the reason is beyond anyone's control.

Businesses in and around Fort Lee that sustain commercial flood damage need to act fast. Microbes brought in by flooding breed quickly, multiplying at an astronomical rate. When we initially enter a building with flood damage, we disinfect the surfaces wherever floodwaters left contamination behind. As our water extraction team works and the decreasing water level reveals more, we might disinfect again.

Our experts work as a team to get things reorganized – tables, stands, and other furnishings need cleaning, damaged inventory from your vendors need a place for their secure disposal to protect the public, and undamaged items need protection from subsequent loss and damage. As we work, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) works with you to minimize odor with hydroxyl generators and masking agents.

Setting up box fans and smaller air movers in enclosed areas pull moisture out of concrete floors, walls, and other durable structures. Our desiccant machines extract the water vapor, so the air never becomes saturated. Porous materials like carpeting, already removed, make it easy for the air currents to get floors dry for the installation of new coverings.

Fighting odors continues later, near the time we complete the restoring of your building, to address any lingering odors. Re-disinfecting also takes place, ensuring that no microbes exist above normal threshold limits. SERVPRO technicians often use the same method of delivery for these two aspects of the restoration process. Fogging is highly effective because it pushes the droplets of the chemical agents into the smallest spaces. Other topical applications might not reach every location.

Because you might have hundreds of vendors, each requiring assistance to recover from a flood damage event, we want to assure you that we have the resources needed. With over 1700 franchises nationwide, we can handle everything for you and affected vendors. The cafeteria or other food areas also require cleanup, and we can handle this aspect of recovery, too.

SERVPRO of Fort Lee knows efficient methods that can reorganize any degree of disarray, mitigate damage before it worsens, and help get your flea market in Palisades Park, Undercliff Junction, or Fairview reopened fast. Contact us 24/7, year-round, by calling (201) 496-6024.

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Our Experts Can Save Your Fort Lee Business After A Mold Infestation

9/4/2019 (Permalink)

Mold and Fungus growing on ceiling tiles inside a building Call (201) 496-6024 for an evaluation and remediation plan.

Remediation Of Mold Damage For Fort Lee Businesses Just A Call Away

Mold growth can cause panic for a business owner in Fort Lee. Visions of a long period of closure and loss of your hard-won reputation as a reliable provider of services and products are hard to banish. Our well-qualified mold remediation managers and work crews put your mind at ease. We have the training and the experience not only to abate your current mold nightmare but also to advise and consult with you on strategies to avoid a microbial infestation in the future.

Understand the Life Cycle of Mold
Mold damage in your Fort Lee laundromat is not evidence that your commercial is dirty or that your employees are not up to the task. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment, inside and out. They cause few concerns as long as they remain dry. When spores find and absorb water, they can grow and multiply into colonies of organisms. When we consult with you about a mold concern finding and eliminating the source of moisture is critical.

We Use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Mold Remediation Protocol
SERVPRO remediation crews receive and use up to date training in the EPA strategies for mold remediation in commercial spaces. We pinpoint the mold location and then contain that area. Plastic sheeting provides the physical barrier, and we then add a negative pressure air scrubbing system. The air scrubber uses suction to pull and remove airborne contaminants through HEPA filters before venting to the outdoors as we complete the project.

SERVPRO Mold Removal Techniques
We scrape and brush off moldy debris attached to solid surfaces. If mold infiltrates porous structural materials, we might try gentle abrasive methods like soda blasting to clear the mold and incapacitate the deeply buried mold hyphae or “roots.” Some materials are too compromised to save, and we make decisions to remove and discard them after consultation with you and your insurance company.

Disinfection and Moisture Control Inhibits Mold Regrowth
SERVPRO uses EPA-registered antimicrobials to treat affected surfaces to kill remaining growth and limit the potential for a mold rebound. We work with you to reduce moisture availability, including arranging for leak repair and more efficient dehumidification in your commercial space.

SERVPRO of Fort Lee commits to helping you with the challenges of mold damage and reduction of the moisture that can cause microbes to multiply. Call (201) 496-6024 for an evaluation and remediation plan.

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SERVPRO Offers Water Damage Solutions for the Fort Lee Hospitality Industry

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

Keep your guest floating in the pool and not the rooms.

SERVPRO Has the Equipment and Training Needed for Water Damage Remediation

Fort Lee has a fascinating history. It was the site of many historically significant events during the Revolutionary War. Also, many people are surprised to learn that the early film industry had its start here. Your hotel guests enjoy taking in these venues and returning to comfortable lodgings in your tastefully appointed accommodations. If a water crisis threatens to interfere, you risk losing revenue, and your customers miss chances to build memories. 

Common Water Loss Issues

A supply line break or a negligent guest who walks away from a filling tub can cause extensive water damage to your Fort Lee inn. You need help fast, and your housekeeping crew has neither the specialized training nor the commercial-grade equipment to make short work of a disaster. 

Professional Training and Cutting-Edge Equipment

SERVPRO managers and technicians master Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses in preparation for delivering high-quality water mitigation and remediation services to your property. We can scale efforts up or down to manage any size of a water emergency. We answer calls 24/7 and send a project manager and crew out to your lodging center as soon as possible. Our crew lead evaluates the scenario presented while devising an individualized plan for your business.

Speed Is Crucial

IICRC-certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) start work immediately. Service vehicles stock water removal and structural drying equipment to avoid delays. We use submersible pumps on water deeper than two inches and wanded extractors for fluids spread across floors. If carpeting is wet, SERVPRO follows mitigation protocols to prevent water from spreading to dry areas, using the extractors. Our team is skilled at drying carpeting in place with weighted extractors if indicated. 

Technology Is Essential

Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters help SERVPRO  trace the migration of water into building cavities or structural components. We use controlled demolition techniques like flood cuts to release water from behind walls and to open those areas for more efficient structural drying. Once all the liquid water exits the affected spaces, our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians set up perimeters of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to move water out of structures and into the air as vapor. State-of-the-art dehumidifiers capture the moisture for disposal.

Your guests can visit Fort Lee Historic Park Visitor Center or Barrymore Film Center and return to a clean, dry suite because of swift remediation of a water crisis. Call (201) 496-6024 to alert SERVPRO of Fort Lee that you need assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster

Fort Lee, NJ

Fire Extinguisher Protocol

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

According to OSHA, the most common emergency small businesses must plan for is a fire. In fact, OSHA requires employers to thoroughly train workers not only on how to use an extinguisher properly, but also how to accurately asses a situation and determine when evacuation is the safest course of action. You never know when a fire is going to occur, so it helps to be prepared.

PASS Method

When using a fire extinguisher, the acronym almost everyone is popular with is PASS. PASS stands for

  • Pull the pin on the extinguisher
  • Aim the nozzle toward the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle
  • Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the base of the fire

By following this method and keeping the acronym in the back of your mind, you no longer have to worry about fires in the break room. If the situation does arise and you need help with the aftermath, call SERVPRO of Fort Lee at (201) 496-6024.

Restoring Your Bergen County Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Bergen County commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Fort Lee

SERVPRO of Fort Lee specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.