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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Why Fort Lee Homeowners have Trusted SERVPRO Restoration Services for Home Emergencies Since 2009.

12/31/2019 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO truck parked in a parking lot. Let us show you why SERVPRO should be your number one pick for Fort Lee.

We know exactly what you're Fort Lee community needs for restoration services.

As a proud provider of restoration services for Fort Lee, we understand how property damages can affect a customer's everyday life. Whether it be a water leak, fire, storm event or mold growth, our team is available for a professional, honest assessment, and remediation. SERVPRO of Fort Lee has operated here since 2009, prioritizing restoration with minimal disruption. At times, our duties may include bringing in third-party general contractors to perform repairs. You can trust us to complete the necessary paperwork and admin to be handed over to the insurance adjuster for a stress-free claim. 


Homeowners with apparent water emergencies in their Fort Lee home should decide to bring in professional restoration services for all but the most benign issues. In many cases, what may appear to be a non-emergency can cause long term problems. A slow leak, for example, can send water into cavities throughout your home. Without the proper care and attention, this buildup of moisture can result in discoloration of flooring, wall-paper, or paintwork as well as increasing the risk of a microbial growth issue.

SERVPRO uses a variety of detection and assessment equipment to ensure water damage in your Fort Lee home is dealt with comprehensively. We offer homeowners the option of specialist restoration services that may not be available with other providers. These services could include natural wood restoration as well as mitigating losses relating to electronic devices or essential household documents. Using moisture sensors and meters SERVPRO technicians can get a complete picture of the extent of water damage in your Fort Lee property. 

Specialist restoration services could include controlling and reducing the moisture content of natural materials in the home. The wood used in floorboards and window frames can often become porous over time as sealants naturally wear. Introducing water to these natural materials can cause them to expand, resulting in cupping, warping, and buckling. SERVPRO technicians know that woods should hold moisture content no higher than 12%. Using dehumidification equipment alongside heated air movers can work together to reduce moisture content. Once the item is appropriately dry, we can often sand and refinish the affected area to a like-new condition.


Waking up to the sound of a fire alarm is an unpleasant experience. Evacuating the property safely before calling in the fire department should be prioritized above saving possessions. Once a fire marshall has cleared the property for entry, you may want to consider contacting a professional restoration service here in Fort Lee. While you wait for SERVPRO to arrive, you can begin mitigating loss by placing old sheets or coverings over the floor as well as opening windows. Opening windows can allow fresh outdoor air to replace odorous indoor air left behind after a fire. Covering the floor with old sheets can help to prevent falling soot from causing further fire damage to your Fort Lee home.

SERVPRO restoration services cover both the structure and contents of your home. When arriving on-site, your technician can conduct a quick pre-test of smoke residues and soot textures to determine the most effective course of action. We can remove charred materials and debris from the property while tagging possessions that we believe can be restored to a preloss condition. Although not all items in the home are salvageable after a fire, we work with a restore over replace method that could help to reduce your claim expense.

Thorough chemical cleaning is a common practice to remove stubborn soot and smoke residues before drying the affected area. Once a SERVPRO technician is satisfied that the area is clean and clear of potential odor-causing materials, we can set to work deodorizing the property to remove any remaining odor particles. Usually, our team deploys pellets in cavities around the home and ultra-low volume thermal fogging equipment to tackle odors. In severe fire damages, we may decide to bring in oZone generators that permanently alter the atmosphere and eliminate residual odors.  


The types of property damages that usually cause mold are those related to moisture. If your home becomes exposed after a storm event or internal plumbing issue, you may begin to notice unpleasant musty odors in some areas of the property. These malodors are often followed by the appearance of mold damage in your Fort Lee home; starting in corners before slowly spreading outwards. Vigorously scrubbing at mold colonies can prove to be a sufficient stop gap. However, at some point, you should consider professional restoration services to prevent molds from regrowing. 

To stop mold, you need to tackle it at the source. Our professional mold remediation technicians are an essential part of the team at SERVPRO. Equipped with the correct licenses and training, we can find the source of a mold problem and use a range of drying equipment, cleaning agents, and antimicrobial treatments to prevent it from becoming a constant issue. Laboratory testing can be an effective solution, but it is also time-consuming and rarely covered in a home insurance plan. At SERVPRO, we offer Fort Lee residents a practical solution to microbial growth issues. 

Mold colonies form when airborne spores land in areas where there are food supply, moisture, and warm temperatures. Porous materials like insulation and drywall can be particularly susceptible to mold infestations and are rarely salvageable. SERVPRO restoration services can demolish infested materials, clean and dry the affected area before installing replacement drywall and insulation. In most cases, the odor is intrinsically linked to the infestation itself, disappearing once cleaning and drying are complete. However, in situations where odors persist, SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCT) can remove or mask the odor, causing particles until they naturally dissipate.


Storm-related events can be complex restoration services to deliver. When storm damage strikes your Fort Lee home, multiple issues need consideration. First of all, is what type of harm is caused to the property, whether water or wind-related. SERVPRO restoration services also need to consider what the potential losses could be and perform several vital tasks quickly to limit the impact of those losses. These could include securing the structure as well as placing temporary tarps over gaps in roofs, windows, or doors to seal them from the outside elements.

One storm-related harm to your property could be the presence of excess quantities of water. These can often pour into your property as a result of flash flooding or heavy rainfall. As a general rule, water causes more damage the longer it remains in your Fort Lee home. SERVPRO large loss teams are adept at removing water using a combination of pumping equipment and massive duty water extractors. We can set up drying equipment to tackle any residual moisture that may have been absorbed by carpets or other porous materials exposed to water. The proper drying procedure is essential to reducing the likelihood of mold or discoloration to fabrics and materials in your home.

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to need the help of third-party contractors to return their Fort Lee home to its preloss condition. SERVPRO has trusted contacts in the local area and can arrange for specialist repair work on your behalf. SERVPRO of Fort Lee is a local provider that is here to get your home back to its best after a fire, water-incident, mold or storm damage with minimal disruption to your everyday life. Contact us today at (201) 496-6024.

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