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Meeting Water Damage Restoration Needs of Fort Lee

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO new equipment Water damage in Fort Lee will be a hassle in your home. Call SERVPRO with their experienced technicians to use new water mitigation techniques.

In New York City's metropolitan area, restorers have much to protect after water damages.

Fort Lee is a city that has almost consistently grown and evolved since its origins as one of the new settlements to take root and thrive after the American Revolution. From Bergen County being one of the catalysts for the motion picture industry to the classic Palisades Amusement Park that ran for 73 years beginning in 1898, Fort Lee has been home to many of the country's most well-known places and events. When disasters like water damage occur, protecting this history becomes the job of our experienced SERVPRO technicians.

Gateway to New York City

One of the significant attributing factors to the growth and expansion of Fort Lee after the turn of the 20th century was the creation of the George Washington Bridge. This was a substantial undertaking for both states, as it was constructed from the branch of the government agency overseeing the ports of both New York and New Jersey. This double-decked suspension bridge crosses the Hudson River and unites Fort Lee to Manhattan. The bridge was initially dedicated in 1931 and currently supports the traffic of more than 100 million vehicles a year.

The creation and heavy use of this bridge would see a growth in population for Fort Lee and its surrounding areas. Those that wanted the allure of New York City no longer had to stay within its limits to commute easily. In New Jersey, residential neighborhoods are often less crowded and less expensive for more extensive square footage in a home. The bridge continues to be a gateway connecting the still growing Fort Lee community with the Big Apple.

The Population Boom

Though highly developed now, much of this area in New Jersey used to be rural properties. Before a tremendous industrial draw began overtaking some of the developments throughout eastern New Jersey, places like Fort Lee would not see quite its peak population numbers as it does today. Even with the construction of the George Washington Bridge, which connects the city to downtown Manhattan, the population only grew slightly.

The creation and construction of multiple high-rise towers designed exclusively for living space provided the uptick in the population that modern Fort Lee residents recognize. During the 1960s and 70s, a substantial population boom was attributed to the production of these high-rise apartment buildings that could support hundreds of families within a single structure. That development continues today as an allure for those looking for more affordable accommodation without living in the city of New York.

High-Rise Structures

These structures present a need for specialized equipment and approaches when water or fire damage exists several stories in the air. As it stands, there are nine structures in Fort Lee that exceed 300 feet in height, most of which are apartments and condominiums for residents. One such structure is the formidable dual tower design of The Modern complex. This structure stretches 47 floors into the sky, with each tower having an equal half of the more than 900 apartments – many with panoramic views of the New York City skyline or the Hudson River.

While many of the other high-rises might not measure up to the nearly 500 feet of each of The Modern towers, many older constructions served as foundational blocks for the skyscrapers recently built. In 1975, the city finalized the construction of The Plaza and The Colony, twin structures that stand roughly 350 ft and feature 32 stories of apartment units.  

Cultural and Historical Centers 

With so many historical figures passing through Fort Lee and even encamping within its region, it is no great surprise to learn that the name of the city originates from one of the American Revolution generals, Charles Lee. His service to the Continental Army would be memorable, enough for his service to be commemorated by the town's naming, Despite also being involved in one of the worst retreats of the revolution at the Battle of Monmouth. Our region's role throughout the growth and adaptation of a new nation can be seen at the Fort Lee Museum.

Those wanting to better understand the conditions and the quarters for the Continental Army could also visit areas like the Ft. Lee Soldiers Cabin. This is part of a greater historic park on protected grounds of the city, which can showcase many exhibits of old weaponry, accommodations, and tools of the time period to showcase the hardships of colonial Fort Lee.

SERVPRO Restoration and Water Damage Repairs 

There is an urgency to address water disasters when they happen, precisely because of how quickly these effects can spread throughout Fort Lee homes. Mitigation is one of the most critical phases of protecting property and contents, and this begins as soon as our technicians and building trade professionals arrive. As you might expect, extraction is one of the critical elements of mitigation, specifically because of how threatening standing water can be too sensitive materials that absorb moisture and can begin to deteriorate almost immediately.

Water damage repairs for Fort Lee homes often involve compromised portions of plumbing that burst or degrade over time. With freezing being such a common occurrence during harsh winter months along the Hudson, homeowners can remain at risk of pipe bursts. Repairing damaged structural elements and compromised pipes and fixtures fall to the competent building trade professionals on our roster that arrive with our emergency response team.

Reconstruction is a specific need after substantial water loss incidents, making our general contractors' experience and available expertise valuable to restoration projects. While controlled demolition and repairs happen among the mitigation tasks necessary, the property's build-back is a step taken following the bulk of the restoration phase. 

As challenging as water damage incidents might be to overcome, involving our SERVPRO of Fort Lee team provides homes with a comprehensive solution, including restoration and repairs. Give our experienced team a call at (201) 496-6024.

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